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What we offer


Each morning around 9:00 AM EST we will be giving out our watchlist with potential entry points for stocks based on technical analysis.


Scanner Information & Custom Builds

Want to know how we make our scanners? As a member, you will get access to some of our favorite scanners' metrics so you can build it yourself and customize it to your liking!

Have a scanner you want built? We also do custom scans for our members, free of charge!

Intraday Alerts

Throughout the day, admins, moderators, and other collaborators will be posting potential playable stocks in the main chatroom.



Throughout the day, our members will have the opportunity to view the same Trade-Ideas scanners that we use!

Evening Swing Recommendations

Every evening during power hour (3:00 - 4:00 PM EST), we will be posting our favorite potential swings for overnight or longer holds.



Our trading chatroom service is facilitated through Discord. If you would like to check us out or have any questions, please click the button below!