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Trial Membership: What's in store for you

Struggling to get started trading, or looking to expand into a more liquid marketplace? Are you stressed from not having mentors, mentees, and equals to grow with and learn from? Well, to help you understand what our "day in the life" is like in Liquid Trading, LLC; we have decided to dedicate a page to show what our free membership entails, and what you can get out of becoming a member of our organization.


Morning Watchlist

Every Morning, an administrator will post morning watchlists based on critical price levels for potential longs.  Levels that fail those points are typically considered good short positions as well.


Midday Alerts

The Main chat will have a slew of discussion and in-depth analyzing for potential runners that are included from the Morning Watchlist as well as alerts from our Trade Ideas scanners as they come. This is where the conversation happens during the day, and where entries, exits, and intraday alerts are posted.


Power Hour Swing Picks

Between 2:30 and 3:00 pm EST, Titan, Gage, and any moderator will post their favorite potential setups for long or short entries for swing positions.


Swing Discussion

Throughout the day, any early potential swing can be discussed amongst all members and triallist and converse about why they like a particular trade, and get feedback from each other